Words to describe Prince Alonzo: BOLD, determined, ambitious, noticed, courageous, innovative, and inspiring.  He believes his life purpose is to impact, influence, and inspire the world.  He’s already doing that.

Prince Alonzo grew up in Midwest’s Rockford, IL.  Despite an early rocky start, at the age of thirteen he discovered his passion for entertainment by doing Michael Jackson impersonations. The response from this changed his life. In high school he was selected for the Creative and Performing Arts Program where he studied theatre and dance.   In the summer he was accepted for the Rockford Area Arts Council’s dance apprenticeship- These two programs gave him formal training in Ballet, Modern and Jazz dance techniques.

When he was fifteen, Prince Alonzo founded his own hip hop dance team, “Fatally Unique”. The rehearsals began in his basement, and within five years the team won national competitions on television’s BET, and made it to the semi-finals of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”. His hometown took notice, and the Mayor honored the team with a Proclamation, and the Rockford Dance Company Director approached Alonzo with a request to collaborate on choreographing a new dance for “Rite of Spring”. BOLD MOVES, a fusion of ballet and hip hop premiered in the Spring of 2013. That summer Alonzo was set to transfer from Chicago’s Columbia College to American Music and Dramatic Academy in LA to finish his degree in dance . . . . . And then, everything changed.

In business, the adage is when something works for you, stay with it.  Dance was making him successful, but his real dream was to be a singer.  Prince Alonzo was doing motivational presentations and encouraging young people to follow dreams, but he was scared to follow his own. Then he met Joseph Pearson, from Platinum Towers Entertainment.  Prince Alonzo sang for him, and Joseph said he was already a star and began treating him like one. Within three months of making Joseph his new manager, Alonzo headlined at a regional Music Festival. Then they headed into the studio and recorded a few songs, including his hit single “Prince of Rock”. That’s when China noticed. In June 2013 Prince Alonzo, accompanied by four dancers, boarded a plane at O’Hare International Airport for his first tour in China. As of this writing, he is on his third international tour.  Prince Alonzo sings, dances and astounds sold out audiences. Selling out 75 Shows, 50 Cities, in 60 days over a 3 month tour in all of Northern & Southern China.  Stay Tuned . .


2014 Schedule: Upcoming Shows

01 Nov 2014 Prince Alonzo Shanghai, CN Linx Club Linx Club sold out!

Past Shows

21 Feb 2014 Prince Alonzo Shanghai, CN M2 Club M2 Club
16 Feb 2014 Prince Alonzo Shijiangzhung, CN 3D Club 3D Club
07 Feb 2014 Prince Alonzo Hohhot, CN IN Club IN Club
02 Feb 2014 Prince Alonzo Sanya, CN JJ Club JJ Club
24 Jan 2014 Prince Alonzo Fuzhou, CN H2 Club H2 Club
24 Jan 2014 Prince Alonzo Xining, CN Viva Club Viva Club



JULY 26!! 9am-1pm for Intermediate Class, 2pm -6pm for Advanced Class!! Prince Alonzo -CEO and choreographer for Fatality Unique dance team from Rockford that was on Americas Got Talent season 6 ! THE COST IS 25$! The date for placement is JULY 18 6-8 pm for the advanced or intermediate class! HOPE EVERYONE CAN MAKE IT! PLACEMENT AUDITIONS MANDATORY!! INVITE FRIENDS! It’s hip hop so dress appropriately.


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PrinceAlonzo has just been sighed to one of the biggest international booking agencies in the world. Stay tuned for his biggest announcement yet!

Book PrinceAlonzo anywhere in the world at

PrinceAlonzo’s Manager:
Joseph Pearson; Platinum Towers ENT
(407) 407-9886



Haven’t really been feeling well these last couple days. Have a little cold and simply stressed out with my career. Woke up to this beautiful picture from my fans in Nigeria. Literally just made my week. I have such a refreshed energy right now because God knows I was getting drained. I don’t take these blessings for granted & I want all of my Nigerian #RoyalAngelz to know. I LOVE YOU MORE! Thanks guys I really needed this #Blessed #Prince #PrinceAlonzo #Fans #Africa #Nigeria #PrinceOfRock #SUPPORT #TeamPrinceAlonzo





I thought i might try something new. I’ve always been told ask and you shall receive so…

My stage name is PrinceAlonzo. I am an international recording artist and motivational speaker. Lets just face it, a career in entertainment is expensive and i need help! Why help me?

Well because i have dedicated my life to changing and inspiring lives along the way. Most of my success is out of the country as i have sold out 2 tours in China however, when i am in America i spend more time giving back than i do pursuing my own career and im ok with this. I speak at many schools and charities and i dont charge a thing. Im not looking to make money in the first place but i do have expenses.

My dream is to be this next generation’s next big star and i believe there is someone that has been watching my story possibly interested in helping me get there. If you haven’t heard of me then you probably dont really care. However i believe this can be used as an avenue for my true followers to contribute to my success and my work.

My 2 biggest goals right now is to move to LA & shoot my first big Music Video for my launch in America. If not interested in donating maybe there is someone that may at least be interested in Investing. My management and I are open to discussing all possibilities…Please feel free to view my website as well…Thanking in advance!


“Our Last Days” (E07) PrinceAlonzo China Tour Documentary

Episode 07: “Our Last Days”
Episode Description: Go to the Island of Sanya and Celebrate the Chinese New Year with PrinceAlonzo and his dancers as the tour comes to a close. Dancers attend a beach party and takes dance classes in Shanghai on their day off. PrinceAlonzo also meets with International Music Legend Mr. Answer Bull over at Shine Communications in Shanghai.

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Contact: Joseph Pearson, CEO

PTG Mogul Management
P.O. BOX 949
Windermere, FL 34786
Phone: (424) 333-6545    (407) 406-9886

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